You can put me anywhere inside. In a nice bowl or on a platter. You can also leave me in the foil that was put around as packaging. Ensure that I regularly get water but no more than +/- 1 cm. When I have finished blooming, the foil can be recycled with plastics and the bulbs can be saved for in the garden. With proper care you can enjoy me for about 10 – 14 days.


I also enjoy being outside. On a table or in a pot. However, outside I will have to be protected or I will be blown over. I don't mind a few degrees below zero, leave me there and after the freeze I will start blooming again. With a lot of rain you do need to dump the water. With proper care I can be there for 4 – 6 weeks.

Enjoy again?

Would you like to enjoy the tulips from your Bulb Bouquet again next spring? Who knows, you might succeed if you follow these steps:

  • After the flowers of your Bulb Bouquet have finished blooming, cut them out of the bouquet and do not water them anymore;
  • If your bouquet is still in the foil, remove it;
  • You now let the stem and leaves die;
  • As soon as stem and leaves have died, remove them;
  • To prevent them from rotting, let the tulip bulbs dry further. For example, hang them in a laundry bag in a dry place on a clothesline.
  • When they are dry, you can store them, for example in a shoe box, in a dark, dry and cool place, such as a garage or basement. Preferably do this layer by layer by placing old newspapers between the layers.
  • Then you can plant them in the garden in October/November. Plant them in soil that is not too wet, otherwise the tulip bulbs may rot. Don’t plant them too late either, because tulips need a cold period. And then you have to wait for spring and with a bit of luck you will have blooming tulips in your garden.

Good luck!